2011 Riesling Experience

An International Celebration of Style, Structure and Purity

June 9 and 10, 2011


Riesling Experience AudienceThe Riesling Experience, first held in 2008, was so successful that we came back with an expanded two-day program for 2011.  World-renowned French producer, Pierre Trimbach will open the event with a tutored tasting of his top Rieslings discussing his experiences with Riesling in Alsace.


The purpose of the gathering is to bring together producers, trade, media and wine enthusiasts from Canada, the US and around the world to share and learn more about the diversity, beauty and versatility of Riesling.  Of all the noble varieties in the world, we are constantly amazed by its infinite dimensions and the people who give this exquisite variety its fullest expression.


Pierre TrimbachKeynote Speaker


Pierre Trimbach, Domaine Trimbach, France.


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View the TV Cogeco coverage of the Riesling Experience 2011 on June 9, 2011.





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